Sports Massage

Aims to alleviate the build up of muscle adhesions which occur in bodily tissues before during or after physical activity, as well as restoring movement in tired muscles. massage-389716_1920Also aiding the prevention of injuries occurring as well as optimising performance. An intense massage to reach deeper muscles. From sitting at work all day, housework, gardening, gym work, or even the general stresses from every day life Sports massage can benefit everyone with aches and pains in their body not just athletes. Also widely known to help lower anxiety and depression and decreasing the build up of tension caused.

Are you an athlete training for an event? Remember to be PROACTIVE about injuries that could occur rather than being REACTIVE once they occur! Maintenance Sports massage should be an integral aspect of your training routine to help prevent injuries occurring and ensure you are at your peak performance for the event.

More benefits of Sports Massage include: restoring mobility to tissues and increasing permeability, breaking down scar tissue, helping with bad posture, stretching muscles, opening of micro-circulation to help nutrients pass through the body easier, improving sleeping patterns and  increasing muscle recovery time.