Sports Massage

Aims to alleviate the build up of muscle adhesions which occur in bodily tissues before during or after physical activity, as well as restoring movement in tired muscles. massage-389716_1920Also aiding the prevention of injuries occurring as well as optimising performance. An intense massage to reach deeper muscles. From sitting at work all day, housework, gardening, gym work, or even the general stresses from every day life Sports massage can benefit everyone with aches and pains in their body not just athletes. Also widely known to help lower anxiety and depression and decreasing the build up of tension caused.

Are you an athlete training for an event? Remember to be PROACTIVE about injuries that could occur rather than being REACTIVE once they occur! Maintenance Sports massage should be an integral aspect of your training routine to help prevent injuries occurring and ensure you are at your peak performance for the event.

More benefits of Sports Massage include: restoring mobility to tissues and increasing permeability, breaking down scar tissue, helping with bad posture, stretching muscles, opening of micro-circulation to help nutrients pass through the body easier, improving sleeping patterns and  increasing muscle recovery time.

Swedish Massage

Helps to relax and replenish tired muscles.

SL Massage Therapy - Sports Massage

This technique relieves muscular tension, stress and anxiety and increases circulation without the massage being too intense. Swedish massage is mainly used to relax the body and mind with slow shallow movements. For those of you who don’t like the deep intensity of a sports massage but still want to gain many of the benefits, this is the one for you!

More benefits of Swedish Massage include: relieving headache/migraine pain, promoting a better nights sleep, releasing endorphins and dopamine into the body which helps up-lift your mood and reduces the amount of cortisol in the body which improves the functionality of the immune system.

Pregnancy Massage

Relax your tired and achy muscles with a pregnancy specific massage.

SL Massage Therapy - pregnancy Massage

Be rested on your side with plenty of cushions surrounding you for comfort of yourself and bump and let the therapist take care of the rest! Massage through pregnancy enables you to take some time out of your busy schedule and gives you time to bond with your unborn baby as well as relieving the stress and anxiety that comes with pregnancy. During the treatment you will never be asked to lie on your front, nor will your bump be touched. You must be 14+ weeks pregnant before you can have your first massage to ensure you are out of the first trimester and you must gain consent from either your Midwife or GP. SL Massage Therapy is fully trained, with a Diploma in pregnancy massage.

Other benefits to pregnancy massage include; better sleeping patterns, increasing skin elasticity for the growing bump, decreasing joint pain, aid in the reduction of swollen hands, ankles and feet, reduce muscles tension and headaches, helps to improve the immune system of mammy and baby as well as helping mammy have a more relaxed attitude towards giving birth.

Muscle Energy Technique

Also known as MET, this is a form of stretching whereby the therapist aids the client in different stretching motions to lengthen muscles, strengthen muscles and imrove weakened ligaments as well as improving range of motion to the specific joint. This technique is usually applied at the end of a massage when appropriate.